About Us

“Debian is the Universal Operating System of the users, by the users, for the users.”

— Anonymous

DebConf is the annual Debian conference which is held in a different country every year. DebConf18 was held in Hsinchu, Taiwan, from July 29 to August 5, 2018.

MiniDebConfs are local meetings organized by Debian project members to achieve similar objectives to those of the DebConf, but on a regional context.

When majority of talks are not Debian specific, it is called DebUtsav - celebration of Free Software by Debian community.

Why Attend ?

DebUtsav Kochi 2018 is an awesome opportunity for any user who wants to experience the magic of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Here you can meet the veterans in FOSS development, develop professional connections which will help you in future, chat with contributors who can guide you, advance the cause of Debian and most importantly, grasp the essence of FOSS development. It is indeed a ‘never miss’ opportunity that will give you a strong foundation to build on!


To be announced

CUSAT Cochin University of Science and Technology

Cochin University of Science and Technology is a government-owned autonomous science and technology university in Kochi, Kerala, India.The University’s basic philosophy and goals find eloquent expression in its coat of aims emblazoning the motto Tejasvi navadhitamastu.

FSCI Free Software Community of India

Free Software Community of India is a collective of Free Software (sometimes also called as Open Source Software) users, advocates and developers.

SDS Student Developers Society

a community with a vision to bridge the gap between students and professionals. SDS's mission is to make students industry ready by helping them achieve professionalism.

DAKF Democratic Alliance for Knowledge Freedom

Democratic Alliance for Knowledge Freedom


Registrations will be open soon. Please keep updated.


Please contact us on the sponsors@debutsav.in if you would like to sponsor the event.


The event will be held at the CUSAT , Kochi.

Contact Us

If you would like to contact us or volunteer for the event, please get in touch with us on the mail ,matrix channels or related community's.